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Integrate Salesforce flow and Practifi's process builder

Salesforces flow has a lot more automation capabilities than Practifi's process builder currently so it would be very beneficial if the 2 were combined more seamlessly 



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    Hi Shaloke,

    This is a great suggestion as you're right that there's a lot of capabilities we could bring into the product if we shifted more to a Flow-based approach. The missing ingredient up until now has been a layer of business process management on top of Flows that makes it clear who owns what tasks, and tracks progression of the business process through its stages.

    Flow Orchestrator is a pilot feature from Salesforce that looks like it's going to solve that once and for all  - take a look at this tutorial video to get a sense of just how powerful it is - and we have every intention of evolving our product to maximise the value we get from Orchestrator, including replacing elements of our process automation engine where possible.

    That said, this thinking is very much in its infancy - Orchestrator has only just gone into pilot as of Summer '21 - and we're not yet willing to commit to a timeline or a definitive sense of what we're going to deliver. Hope this helps though, feel free to reach out if you have any more specific questions.



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