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Open Tasks should be pre-filtered & primary (no date) recurring task instances should be removed from the overall task list


Can we prefilter the Open Tasks tile to just look 30 days out? Otherwise, the tile doesn't work if you factor in recurring tasks years into the future.

For example, I have quarterly recurring tasks going out for 10+ years. This means that in the unfiltered "Open Tasks" tile this one recurring task adds 40 instances to the total. Task on 10 more recurring tasks and it looks like I have 400 tasks outstanding. However, I really only have 10 outstanding that are relevant to the next 3 months.

Similarly, in my overall task list, the recurring instance does not have a date associated (because there are a number of individual tasks embedded). However, the "recurring instance" for the 10 tasks mentioned above are then always at the top of my task list, requiring me to scroll down the list before getting to anything meaningful.

Please remove the recurring instance from the overall task list, as only the underlying tasks in the series should appear. This is a basic item that regular Salesforce incorporates, so it should be easy for Practifi to set up.

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