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Interaction templates

We would like to suggest a new feature - interaction templates. It would be really convenient to have the ability to create a template(s) for new interactions (e.g. meeting agenda templates), similar to the task template feature. Our firm currently copy/pastes interaction templates from an outside source; having the ability to build and apply interaction templates within Practifi would save us a lot of time moving forward!



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    Hi Megan,

    Great suggestion. The interaction features change in our latest Lightning release, we will have more details to come. Please keep in touch with your CSM Alyssa, who can update you on upcoming releases.



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  • This would save us a lot of time.  Please consider adding it.  Thanks!

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  • This would be fantastic. A shortcut to get around this (if the template is simple) is to use feed templates and copy and paste into the interaction description. However, interaction templates would be far more convenient!

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