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Increasing sorting and filtering capabilities on Prospects list/page

Currently, the Prospects list shows closed prospects mixed in with open prospects; however, the "Stage" filter is only single-select picklist, not multi, so I can't filter a view that essentially shows all open prospects (I would have to go stage by stage).

Additionally, the list cannot be sorted by either Estimated Close Date or Potential Revenue.  It's common that we'll want to go through prospects starting with the biggest opportunity first and/or the ones we expect to close soonest.

Adding sorting and filtering flexibility enhancements would make this page much more usable (and this same comment can be expanded to most "list view" pages where not all columns are sortable and not all multi-value picklists have multi-select capabilities".



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    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the above request is not currently planned. This functionality should be possible through the creation of a picklist. Please reach out to your CSM Beverly, who can discuss the possibility of an SOW with you.



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