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Past relationships

Where a contact and partner separate, we want to keep record that the relationship previously existed. Similarly, for other roles, such as an accountant or SMSF administrator, we need to distinguish between current and past. 

The End Date on the record could signify that the relationship is over and, maybe even trigger a prompt, "Do you wish to change the relationship to "former xxx?" The record would move (out of Client People or from active relationships) to a "past" relationships grid below the active relationships.





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    Hi Sharon,

    We updated functionality earlier this year to display relationship start and end dates as well as description on the Relationship pages throughout Practifi. It may be that the additional columns are not visible by default in your org. You can click on table settings to choose which columns are displayed. The table settings are stored on a per user basis.

    Note also that the Phrasing will update from present tense to past tense.

    Be sure to reach out to your Mitch as your CSM if you require any assistance.

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