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Improvement to influencer/referrers

The majority of our referrals come from businesses. We report to these referral sources with updates on where the referral is up to. As a result, it would be great for a company to have an influencers/referrals tab whereby we can see all of the referrals from that company.

The process of adding in a referrer (as well as nominating an influencer) is a bit cumbersome as it requires you to create a client when they are not actually a client (rather a referrer).  If i receive a referral from a new source, i need to go in and create the adviser as a client and then go and create the prospect. It would be great if the prospect wizard allowed for the creation of a new referrer at the same time as a prospect.

If a client refers a friend you have to manually change the existing client to an influencer in order to have them noted as an influencer. Would it not be easier if a client automatically becomes an influencer once they have made a referral to you?



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    Hi Brent,

    In our latest release you can now classify prospect people as referrers and/or influencers. We've included this enhancement in our release notes here : 

    We've had a few requests to qualify all referrers as influencers, I think it would be a good optional enhancement as we have other clients that want flexibility here and may tag influencers who may or may not contribute to direct referrals. 



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