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Geocodes "Latitude_and_Longitude'' on account(entities) Object

I was trying to find the latitude and longitude fields on the account and contact object but I guess you have disabled them.

Our Sales persons are always on the road. When they visit a customer, they like to find out is there another customer nearby where they can visit for maximum utilization of their time.

Salesforce has provided this Geocode feature for mapping addresses to latitude and longitude and comparing distance between addresses. 
Can you built it in a way that near by entities could be displayed on the map. 

Or  Can you build a “Get NearBy” button on the detail page of Account record .  When the user will click on this record, it will display a list of Accounts sorted by distance from the current account. The Salesperson can then decide which customers he will like to visit.
This feature has many applications and can lead to better planning of Sales and Service teams visits to customer locations.




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