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More information on the influencers section

- When a person refers another person, they should automatically be designated as an influencer

-Influencers section should show how many people that person referred in the main screen (without having to click)

-There should be a feature to tabulate how much revenue or AUM was associated with the referral of that influencer



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    Hi Kailee,

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is definitely an area of increased interest for a large segment of clients. We have the concept of an influencer and a referrer and they don't currently need to be mutually exclusive. This was a design decision to allow influencers to be identified who are not directly attributed to a client referral but may be significant for other reasons. 

    You are able to mass update all referrers to be influencers, but we don't currently have a mechanism to make this automatic as a product feature. 

    For the suggestion to display the of the number of referrals would this be in the list page? Would that include number of direct and indirect referrals? 

    We do currently have the ability to view an individual influencer and see all of the AUM and Revenue associated with all of their referred clients, but are you again after a list of indirect and direct revenue and AUM on the influencer list page? 

    If you can confirm our assumptions we'll get this to the product team to be considered for our next release. 


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  • Hi Lindsey,

    I don't think the referrers and influencers should be mutually exclusive, but the influencer designation should automatically be added when a person is a referrer. Then other influencers can be elected with the checkbox as you currently have it. 

    Yes, the number of referrals on the list page would be helpful. The ability to see direct, indirect, and total referrals would be awesome! And then clicking on those numbers should show you who those referrals are. Having the AUM/Revenue on that page would be great too - really I'd like to be able to see all that data in one screen and export it easily to excel to be manipulated. Right now, I don't know how to easily get all that information in one report so it isn't useful for us. 


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