Financial Account Numbers in Tamarac - Picklist

It would great if there was a picklist for the Tamarac financial account numbers owned by the client were available to choose from for tasks and interactions. 



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    Hi Laura, 

    Thanks for leaving your first Idea- welcome to the Ideas Space! 

    Can I confirm:  This idea is really about ease of use? Currently you can link a corresponding Tamarac account (asset) when you create a task or interaction against a client in the 'related to' field. To ensure you have the correct asset you may need to have the financial account number handy when searching. 

    The other option is to access the client record, select the asset directly from the financial accounts list and create an interaction or task from that asset. This may be your best bet if you don't have the account number already. 

    I am assuming asking for this as a picklist of accounts that are only applicable to the client means you can just use the drop down and not have to separately search? Have you been trying to do this from another context that I'm missing? 

    Please let us know if you have some more details to share so we can get this into the product release backlog if you are envisioning this working a different way. 

    Thanks again! 

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  • Thank you for the insight on the way the drop down for the related to field works.  That solves a lot of issues.  I'll ask Cris and Alyssa to modify the view of the assets to include the account number. and the picklist of assets to append the name of the asset with the account number. 

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