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Changes for the Create a Client/Prospect from Launcher

Users are requesting the ability to create multiple Client/Prospect People (i.e. contacts) when building the Client/Prospect (entities, households, etc.). This would allow for larger family uploads (when available), saving team members time and clicks.

There is also a request for a Client Name formatting adjustment to include the default naming formula is "LastName Household" when Entity Type Household is selected, but also an option where the Household naming convention is: "LastName, FirstName" or "LastName, FirstName (primary) & FirstName (secondary)" when there are two people in the Household.

Finally, the Users also recommend changing the Client Segment drop-down to a non-mandatory field.



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    Thanks Alyssa, 

    We've been continuing to evolve the Prospect functionality in each release. We are conscious of keeping the wizard fairly streamlined while allowing clients to build out a more detailed prospect record over time using the side navigation functionality. 

    We're definitely happy to explore all options until we get it just right! 


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