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Connect a Typeform document to Practifi using Zapier

With data entry such a big part of advice, it would be great if we had an option to use an online form to gather clients data using something such as Typeform or similar and then use Zapier to send the Data to practifi so that we do not need to re-enter the data in diffferent systems or forms more than once.



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    Thanks for the contribution Luke and your follow-up comment Glynn.

    I have good news for you - we have our first set of Practifi Zaps with Zapier for their approval. Once approved your CSMs will be able to take you through the supported use-cases so you can Zap-away merrily. As we're dependent on a process outside of our control, I can't commit to a definitive date however we're all expecting sooner rather than later.

    Keep an eye out for release notes, hassle your CSMs for updates and remember to keep the good ideas coming!

    Adrian J

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  • Totally agree Luke, this is what I've been speaking to my CSM about!

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  •  Can't wait to start zapping!

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  • Hi Everyone,

    We have more Zaps coming. You'll still need to work with your CSM to ensure you know how to request early access from Zapier, but we're excited to continue to expand this functionality. If you have specific use cases you need please continue to let us know! 


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