Using Microsoft 365 Calendar Sync

The functionality described in this article is available as part of our Cinsault release and will not be available if your Practifi instance is not upgraded to this release. 



Microsoft 365 Calendar Sync is a two-way sync between calendar events from your Microsoft calendar and Practifi. When this sync is enabled in your firm's Practifi organization, you can manage your calendar in either system and have confidence that you are seeing your entire schedule. This sync accurately displays your daily meetings and appointments whether you view this information in Practifi or Microsoft. Our Create an Event workflow action can be used to make appointment setting a seamless part of a process, and the built-in Teams Meeting capabilities let you set up conferencing with a single click.

Please note: The functionality described in this article will not be available in your organization if the Microsoft 365 Calendar Sync has not been enabled. System Administrators can access our Enabling Microsoft 365 Calendar Sync article for additional information on the enablement process.

Understanding the Sync Process

Please note: Microsoft 365 Calendar Sync is an add-on to our core platform subscription. Speak to your Client Success Manager if you want to find out more. You will not be able to access the following functionality without purchasing this add-on product.

When an event is first created in either Microsoft 365 or Practifi, another version of the event is created in the other system. Here's how it works:

  • If it was created in Practifi -  the Microsoft 365 version is created immediately afterward. This is to ensure that Outlook invitations are sent to event attendees as soon as possible. If any Individuals or Contacts are listed as event attendees, the Email found on their record page is used as the address to send the invitation.
  • If it was created in Microsoft 365 - the Practifi version is created during the next scheduled sync run, based on your firm's settings.

Once a Microsoft 365 event appears in Practifi, the system looks to see which of its attendees are existing Individuals, Contacts or Users. If it can find matching records, then those records appear as Event attendees in Practifi. Attendees are matched based on:

  • The record's Email (Individuals, Contacts and Users)
  • The record's Alternate Email (Individuals and Contacts)
  • Any custom fields on the record with an Email field type (Individuals and Contacts)
  • Any Contact Point Email records related to the record (Individuals and Contacts)

Ongoing updates to the Event record in either Practifi or Outlook will cause it to be updated in the other system based on the frequency defined in Sync Settings by your firm's System Administrators. If a synced Event is updated in both systems in-between syncs, the ones made in Microsoft 365 will take precedence.

Creating a Microsoft Teams Meeting on an Event

The Teams Meeting checkbox on the Event record page provides the same functionality as the toggle switch & button of the same name in Outlook. Once checked, a meeting is created in Microsoft Teams for you to use when the Event takes place. The Teams meeting can be accessed by selecting the Open Teams Meeting button on the record page. You can remove Teams from an Event record while you're creating it, but not after you send the invitation.

Recurring Events

Recurring events in Microsoft 365 are supported, however, they work independently of recurrence settings in Practifi. This means that any changes to the recurrence logic must be made in Microsoft 365, and attempts to use Practifi’s settings will fail.

The Recurring in Microsoft 365 field appears on the Event record to provide visibility over Microsoft 365’s recurrence settings, however, the field is read-only in Practifi.

Please note: Recurring events created in Practifi are not synced with Microsoft 365.

Internal Events

When an Event is created where multiple internal users are attendees, Salesforce handles this by creating a read-only copy of that meeting for each internal attendee other than the Event owner. Additional information about this behavior can be found within this Salesforce Help article. This leads to certain behavior depending on where the event originated from:

  • If it was created in Practifi - Each attendee sees their own version of the Event on their Practifi calendar. These versions are not included in the sync, meaning they won’t receive any future updates made by the Event owner.
  • If it was created in Microsoft 365 - Each attendee sees their own version of the Event on their Practifi calendar. These versions are included in the sync and are editable. However, any updates made by the Event owner will override those edits.
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