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Practifi Propel is our premium analytics solution, powered by Salesforce CRM Analytics. Offering new and improved ways to visualize and interact with your data, our power dashboards allow you to transform data into insight, action and excellence at scale.

Propel provides whole-of-firm analytics rather than those tied to a specific division, advisor or client. As such, it is targeted at executives and senior leaders at advisory firms and is part of the Executive app.

Please note: Practifi Propel is an add-on service. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Practifi Propel

Our Propel product offering is comprised of two main features:

  • A suite of pre-built power dashboards to make analyzing firm performance over time easy and intuitive across a comprehensive array of measures (performance indicators like AUM) and dimensions (ways to slice and dice those indicators, e.g., client segment).
  • The data processing service that takes daily performance snapshots of your firm's Practifi organization, feeding the rich experience found in the pre-built dashboards.

Practifi Propel vs. Reports and Dashboards

While Practifi already includes analytics with our standard Reports and Dashboards, Practifi Propel improves on these out-of-the-box features in several ways:

  • Analyze performance as of a moment in time, not just today: Because Salesforce doesn't snapshot the records it stores, standard analytics features can only report on those records as they appear when the report is generated. Propel's approach of taking daily snapshots and storing them in a database for the dashboards to use gives you the time machine-like capability to walk back through previous snapshots and see how performance has changed day-by-day and month-by-month.
  • A more interactive dashboard experience: The charts displayed within Propel's dashboards all talk to each other, meaning the filter selections made in one chart will impact the results you see in others. Where helpful, charts come with intuitive toggle switches that let them pull double or triple-duty with the information they surface. Dashboards are broken up into tabs that help categorize what's on-screen and make it easily navigable. It adds up to an engaging and compelling user experience well beyond what's possible with standard Dashboard functionality.
  • Rich and varied visualization library: Propel takes advantage of several chart types that Reports and Dashboards don't offer, such as geo maps displaying performance as a state-based heatmap; Sankey diagrams, which show how a measure like AUM flows between two dimensions like age band and segment; and treemaps, which represent dimensions as segments within a rectangle. Taking advantage of these chart types means visualizations that make more intuitive sense to users and surface insights that previously weren't possible.
  • Stronger secondary capabilities: Analytics is about more than the dashboards themselves. It's also about what you can do with them. Propel supercharges this area by including several additional capabilities, such as annotations with @ mentions, notifications when measures go above or below certain thresholds and an array of exporting, sharing, printing and presenting options.

Power Dashboards

The following dashboards are included with Practifi Propel:

  • Client Book: Lets you view your firm's book of business through lenses like age, tenure with the firm, AUM, client segment and geographic location.

  • Profitability: Breaks down revenues, servicing costs and annual gross profits across client age and tenure, as well as displaying revenues for various divisions, client segments and geographies.
  • Pipeline: Shows the number of prospects, potential AUM, potential annual revenue, number of deals, deal AUM and deal annual revenue.
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