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As gatekeepers to valuable client data, wealth management firms are attractive targets for cyberattacks. With Practifi Protect, you’ll get an additional layer of security to guard your data and meet cybersecurity regulations. Practifi Protect gives you comprehensive protection so your firm can enforce governance, strengthen compliance and increase transparency across departments, branches and networks as you continue to scale.

Please note: Practifi Protect is an add-on service. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Practifi Protect Features

Practifi Protect provides three main tools for Practifi Administrators:

  • Shield Platform Encryption - This allows firms to define encryption policies for fields on standard and custom objects. These fields are encrypted at rest and not just when transmitted over a network. This means that even if Salesforce’s data centers were compromised, fields that have been encrypted will be very difficult for bad actors to access. For more information, please see this documentation on Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption.

  • Enhanced Field Audit Trail - This tool enhances the default field audit trail feature within Salesforce and extends the number of trackable fields per object from 20 to 60. Additionally, it gives firms the option to retain changes to audited fields for 10 years. Without this, firms can only view field history for 18 months. You can learn more here.

  • Event Monitoring Analytics - This gives firms access to Event Logs and several pre-built dataflows and dashboards (see below) to make the Event Logs accessible for business users to view and analyze. To learn more, please see this Salesforce documentation.

Event Monitoring Dashboards

Practifi Protect ships with the following pre-built dashboards to help you delve into your data:

Title Description
Analytics Adoption Corresponds to Event Monitoring Analytics usage and performance.
Apex Executions This dashboard lets you track trends in code execution and performance of your Practifi org. Corresponds to the Apex Execution event type.
API This dashboard gives you information about both your users’ API usage and API performance in your Practifi organization. You can see how often each object is being used, how fast each object is being processed and what methods are being invoked on that object. Corresponds to the API Event event type.
Dashboards This dashboard helps you track dashboard adoption and performance. Corresponds to the Dashboard event type.
Files When users in your organization perform content transfers (downloads, uploads or previews), they show up on this dashboard. You can also track file adoption. Corresponds to the Content Transfer event type.
Lightning Adoption Many of Practifi's components are built on the Lightning framework, and as such, you can use this dashboard to see how users interact with Practifi on desktop and mobile devices. Corresponds to the Lightning Interaction and Lightning Page View event types.
Lightning Performance Use this dashboard to view performance and user interactions with Practifi. Corresponds to the Lightning Error, Lightning Interaction, Lightning Page View and Lightning Performance event types.
Login-As This dashboard lets you see which admins are using the login-as feature and on which user accounts. Corresponds to the Login As event type.
My Trust

The My Trust dashboard gives you an overall idea of what kind of events are taking place in your Practifi organization over time. It also shows the average speed of these transactions. The dashboard corresponds to the following event types, correlated by User IDs:

  • Apex Execution
  • API
  • Content Transfer
  • Dashboard
  • Lightning Page View
  • Login As
  • Login
  • Report
  • Report Export
  • Visualforce
Page Views (URIs)

This dashboard lets you see which pages users are accessing in Practifi. Corresponds to the URI event type.

Report Downloads

This dashboard lets you see which users are downloading your reports and where they’re downloading them from. Corresponds to the Report Export event type.


This dashboard shows you trends in reporting as well as which users are running specific reports. Corresponds to the Report event type.


This dashboard shows you trends in REST API usage and which endpoints are seeing the most traffic. You can also view information about the IP ranges issuing the requests and which methods are being called. Corresponds to REST API event type.

Setup Audit Trail

Use this dashboard to see the changes your users are making in the Setup area. Corresponds to the Setup Audit Trail page in Setup.

User Logins

This dashboard shows login trends by user and information about where and how users are accessing your Practifi organization. Corresponds to the Login event type.

Visualforce Requests

Here you can see trends in Visualforce adoption and page performance. Corresponds to the Visualforce Request event type.


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