Understanding Practifi Protect



As gatekeepers to valuable client data, wealth management firms are attractive targets for cyberattacks. With Practifi Protect, you’ll get an additional layer of security to guard your data and meet cybersecurity regulations. Practifi Protect gives you comprehensive protection so your firm can enforce governance, strengthen compliance and increase transparency across departments, branches and networks as you continue to scale.

Practifi Protect

Practifi Protect provides three main tools for Practifi Administrators:

  • Shield Platform Encryption - This allows firms to define encryption policies for fields on standard and custom objects. These fields are encrypted at rest and not just when transmitted over a network. This means that even if Salesforce’s data centers were compromised, fields that have been encrypted will be very difficult for bad actors to access. For more information, please see this documentation on Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption.

  • Enhanced Field Audit Trail - This tool enhances the default field audit trail feature within Salesforce and extends the number of trackable fields per object from 20 to 60. Additionally, it gives firms the option to retain changes to audited fields for 10 years. Without this, firms can only view field history for 18 months. You can learn more here.

  • Event Monitoring Analytics - This gives firms access to Event Logs and several pre-built dataflows and dashboards to make the Event Logs accessible for business users to view and analyze. To learn more, please see this Salesforce documentation.

Please note: Practifi Protect is an add-on service. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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