Understanding the Practifi Upgrade Experience



Upgrading to the latest version of Practifi means your firm has access to all sorts of new features and enhancements. The installation process occurs entirely behind the scenes with no administrator intervention necessary. Administrators can view the results of an upgrade from the Releases page in the Settings app. This article outlines the upgrade process and explains how to investigate any potential errors. 

The Hands-Free Upgrade Experience

Upgrading your Practifi organization to the latest version works as follows:

  1. A scheduled job called Practifi Updates Job runs daily in your Practifi instance, checking for a new Practifi version in the Release object.
  2. If a new version is detected, the unpackaged metadata required by that version will be installed automatically.
  3. A summary of success and error messages from the upgrade is visible in the Release record and the information is sent back to Practifi.
  4. Existing client organizations will need the scheduled job to be set up manually; once this occurs, future updates will be automatic. New client organizations will have the Practifi Updates Job enabled by default.

Viewing the Results of an Upgrade

System Administrators can view the details of a release in the Settings app. Should any errors occur during the upgrade process, an error log file will be attached to the Release page in the Settings app for further investigation by your team or Practifi Support.

To access release details in the Settings app, do the following:

  1. Click the App Launcher located in the upper left-hand corner of Practifi. 
  2. Select the Settings app from the drop-down menu of apps available. 
    • Please note: Depending on the number of apps assigned to your profile, the Settings app may not display by default. If this app is not displaying, use the Search apps and items... search bar within the App Launcher to search for and select the Settings app. 
  3. Select the caret icon beside the Navigation Menu to open the drop-down menu of settings pages. 
  4. From the drop-down menu, select Releases.
  5. Select the Release's name from the left-hand list to open the release's details page. 
  6. On the Release page, select the Results subtab. 
  7. If there were any errors during the upgrade, an error log will be attached within the Files section. A total tally of errors is visible within the Details field. 
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