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Campaigns are available to your Practifi Promote users within your organization. Once assigned the Practifi - Add-On - Promote User permission set, the user will have access to the Campaign object, the Marketing app and the ability to create new campaigns within your Practifi organization.  Users can leverage data from your firm's campaigns to create successful and meaningful connections with clients. This article outlines how to create a new campaign, add Contacts to the campaign and view the campaign's data within your Practifi instance.

Please note: To access the Campaign Salesforce object and the functionality to create campaigns, your firm must have the Practifi Promote subscription. You will not be able to access this functionality without this add-on enabled in your organization. For more information about Practifi Promote, please consult our Understanding Practifi Promote article or reach out to your firm's CSM.

Creating a campaign

Promote Users can create campaigns from within the Practifi Marketing app. If not already within the Marketing app, use the App Launcher located in the upper left-hand corner of Practifi to select Marketing before beginning these steps.

  1. To navigate to the Campaigns page, select Campaigns from the Navigation Menu. 
  2. On the Campaigns page, select the New Campaign button on the right-hand side of the table.
  3. Selecting this button will open a campaign creation page with the following fields: 
    • Campaign Name - Enter the name of the campaign as you would like it to display within Practifi.
    • Campaign Owner - This field will auto-populate with the campaign's creator.
    • Parent Campaign - If the campaign is part of a more extensive campaign, search for the parent campaign's name within this field and select it from the drop-down options to nest the new campaign beneath it.
    • Type - Select the type of campaign from the drop-down menu—for example, Direct Mail or Trade Show.
    • Active - Check this box if the campaign should be active within your organization.
    • Status - Set the stage of the campaign's progress by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.
    • Start Date - Enter the date the campaign begins by selecting the field and choosing a date through the calendar. 
    • End Date - Enter the date the campaign ends by selecting the field and choosing a date through the calendar.
    • Description - While not required, users can enter a description in this field to help distinguish this campaign from other campaigns within your organization and keep your team organized.
    • Budgeted Cost in Campaign - Enter the budgeted cost that your team has designated this campaign for within this field.
    • Expected Response (%) - Enter the anticipated percentage of responses your team anticipates creating from this campaign
    • Expected Revenue in Campaign - Input the amount of money your team anticipates generating from running this campaign.
    • Num Sent in Campaign - Enter the number of individuals targeted by the campaign. This is typically a value defined once at the beginning of a campaign to gauge how large your marketing effort is.
    • Actual Cost in Campaign - Enter the amount of money spent to run the campaign.

  4. Once this information is input, press Save to finalize the campaign's creation. If creating multiple campaigns simultaneously, users may select the Save & New button to begin the campaign creation process again.

Adding Contacts to a campaign

Practifi Promote users can add Contacts to campaigns through the campaign's information page. This page is accessible by either viewing a newly created campaign or selecting the campaign's hyperlinked name from the list of campaigns on the Campaigns page.

To add a Contact to a campaign:

  1. On the campaign's information page, scroll to the Campaign Members section.
  2. Select the Add Contacts button located in the Campaign Members section.
  3. In the Add Contacts to Campaign pop-up, either use the search bar at the top of the list to search for a Contact's specific name or scroll through the list to locate the Contact. 
  4. Once located, select the plus button to the left of the name field to add the Contact to the campaign. Select this button for as many Contacts that you would like to add. 
  5. Select Next to proceed with the addition process.
  6. On the Add to Campaign pop-up, ensure that the auto-generated Campaign value is correct and set the Member Status to the value you would like the members to have. You will also need to designate if existing campaign members should retain their current status or have their member status overwritten.
  7. Select Submit to finalize the Contact addition.

Mass adding Contacts

Users can add Contacts individually by performing the above steps, or they can be added en masse through the Contacts page within Practifi.

To mass add Contacts to a campaign:

  1. Select the App Launcher in the upper left-hand corner of Practifi. 
  2. Use the Search apps and items... search bar to search for "Contacts."
  3. Select Contacts from the search results. 
    • Please note: Contacts will display twice within the results. Select the Contacts option that shows a list view that looks like the screenshot below.
  4. Select the caret button to the right of Recently Viewed to change the list view to a pre-filtered list view from the drop-down menu or select All Contacts. 
  5. Add filters to the list view, if necessary, by selecting the list view controls cog on the table. Then choose Edit List Filters from the drop-down menu. Filters will then display and can be adjusted as needed.
  6. Select the checkbox to the left of the Contacts' names that you would like to add to the campaign. If selecting the entire table, select the checkbox to the left of the Name column in the columns headers.
  7. Select the Add to Campaign button at the top right-hand corner of the list view.
  8. In the Add to Campaign pop-up, enter the campaign name in the Campaign field.
  9. Set the Member Status to the value that you would like the members to have. You will also need to designate if existing campaign members should retain their current status or have their member status overwritten.
  10. Press Submit to finalize the addition of the Contacts to the campaign.

Member statuses

Users can create a status, designate a default status and indicate whether the status is a response from the Campaign Member Statuses list on the campaign's information page. When a Contact interacts with your campaign, the member status attached to them does not change automatically. Member statuses can be applied to campaign members' records manually by adding them to a campaign or in bulk through automation tools like Pardot. Users can use the Campaign Member Status field to filter and sort campaign data. 

Adding new statuses 

  1. Navigate to the campaign's information page and scroll to the Campaign Member Statuses section.
  2. Select the New button in the Campaign Member Statuses section.
  3. Enter the new status' name in the Member Status field.
  4. If this status should be considered a response, select the Responded checkbox.
  5. Select Save to finalize the member status creation.

Changing default status

  1. Navigate to the campaign's information page and scroll to the Campaign Member Statuses section.
  2. Select the Change Default Status button in the Campaign Member Statuses section.
  3. Select the new default status from the Campaign Member Status Name drop-down menu.
  4. Press Save to finalize the default status change.

Viewing campaigns

Users can access campaigns within the Marketing app by selecting Campaigns from the Navigation Menu. The Campaigns page will default to a page view of Active Campaigns, displaying any campaign currently marked as active by having their Active field's checkbox enabled. Inactive Campaigns, meaning any campaign that does not have their Active field checkbox enabled, will display within the Inactive Campaign page view available by using the page view selector to toggle to this option.

Selecting the hyperlinked campaign Name on the Campaigns page will open details specific to the individual campaign, including the campaign's basic information, members and notes & files. 

Editing table columns

Users can modify the fields displayed on the Campaign page by selecting the gear icon above the table on the right-hand side. This change is reflected on a user-by-user basis, giving a customized experience for each Promote User. To edit the displayed fields:

  1. On the Campaign table, select the settings cog located on the right-hand side. This will open a table column editing pop-up on your screen.
  2. Scroll through the Available Fields section on the left-hand side of the pop-up and select the field name that you would like to add to the table. When selected, the field name will highlight blue.
  3. Once the field is selected, click the top caret button between the Available Fields and Visible Fields lists. The field name will move from the Available Fields list to the Visible Fields list when this is selected. 
  4. Use the carets to the right of the Visible Field field list to move the added field up or down the list to change field placement within the table.
  5. Repeat as necessary to add any additional fields and select Save to finalize these column changes. 
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