Log a Call


Records of Phone calls, either generally or related to a specific Client, can be recorded in Practifi.

Logging General Calls

General Calls which don't relate to a specific Client can be logged at any point within Practifi by clicking the Global Actions icon on the top-right and clicking the Log a Call link.


A panel will open on the lower-right of the screen, with a set of fields. Supply a Subject and Comment. Optionally, add the Name and/or Household Client related to the call if they already exist as a record in Practifi. Click Save to save the logged call to Practifi.


On saving, a success message will be displayed. Click the X on the right to close the message.


Client Related Calls

You can log calls related to a Client within Practifi. The Log a Call feature is found within the Activities section of the Client record.    


Log a Call

To log a record for a call, click the Log a Call subtab, and click the Recap your call... button. This will open a short panel with a set of fields.


Complete the fields, and click Save. A success message will appear. Click the X on the right side to close the message.


The new call log entry will appear in the Activities timeline as a new activity under the calendar Month that you logged it.


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