Using the Home Page



The Home page in Practifi is a summary dashboard of the Tasks assigned to the Advisor and their Due Dates, graphical representations of the count of Deals and Processes underway with Clients and Prospects, and segment breakdowns by Client type.  It is the starting point for the Advisor when planning and reviewing their work for Clients.

Home Page

The Home page is found under the Navigation Menu dropdown on the Advisor app.



It presents a set of tiles grouped by similar types of information.  The first sections focus on My Tasks (i.e., Tasks assigned to the user and their priorities).  Another indicates Key Dates for Events with which the Advisor is involved.



Clicking on one of the tiles will open a table of rows, the count of which forms the number in the tile.


The remaining sections show information graphically.  These charts show the proportion of the types of data the Advisor can see, such as their Overview Tasks by Client Segment, Types of Processes underway, proportions of Deal closes by Month and Stage and Type, and a count of days since their last Engagement with their list of Prospects and Clients.





The graphical diagrams also allow the graph itself to be downloaded as an image or view the underlying data table from which the graph was generated.



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