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The Home page in Practifi is a summary dashboard of the tasks assigned to the user and graphical representations of the count of deals and processes underway with Clients and Prospects. The Home page's features and the display of this page will depend upon the app assigned to your user profile. For all apps, the Home page will feature a row of tiles focused on the user's tasks giving them a snapshot of their work that needs to be completed. 

Client and Prospect information on the Home page will depend on the app. For example, the Home page of the Advisor app will display information about the Advisor's Clients and Prospects while the Home page of the Client Service app will display information about Clients and Prospects that lists the user as part of the Client Service team. 

Accessing the Home page

The Home page is found by selecting Home under the Navigation Menu dropdown on the app. This is also the page that you will view upon logging in to Practifi for the first time.



If you have navigated away from the Home page during your day-to-day work, select the Navigation Menu in the upper-left hand corner of Practifi and select Home from the drop-down options to navigate back to the Home page.

Home page tiles

The Home page presents a set of tiles grouped by similar types of information. The first section in the Home page focuses on My Tasks, meaning the tasks assigned to the user and their priorities.  Some apps include another section titled Key Dates that outlines the events with which the user is involved.



Selecting one of the tiles will open a tile table, the count of which corresponds to the number in the tile.


These tile tables can be further fileted by using table filters, searched by using the table search bar or exported by selecting the Export as CSV button. Re-select the tile or select the X located on the tile table to collapse the table displayed by a tile. Information in teal within the tile table displayed by the tile is a hyperlink. This means that selecting this information will hyperlink directly to the record.

Home page charts

Some sections on the Home page show information graphically. These charts show the proportion of the types of data the user can see, such as their Overview Tasks by Client Segment or Types of Processes underway. The charts displayed will vary based on the app assigned to your user profile. To collapse these charts select the caret icon located next to the chart row name. This will collapse all charts within the chart row. To uncollapse, reselect the chart row name.





Selecting elements within the graph will open a record table similar to those displayed when selecting a tile on the Home page. These graphical diagrams also allow the graph itself to be downloaded as an image or view the underlying data table from which the graph was generated.



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