Create a New Task


The user can create Tasks, either as reminders or action items for themselves or related to a specific Client in Practifi, and assign tasks to themselves or any other team member.  

General Tasks

Tasks that don't relate to a specific Client can be created at any point within Practifi by clicking the Global Actions icon on the top-right and clicking the New Task link.


A panel will open on the lower-right of the screen, with a set of fields. Choose the Task Type from the preset list created by your firm. Set a Due Date to assist with prioritizing. Optionally add a Contact name and/or a Client Household to which this Task relates. Assign the Task to yourself (default) or someone else in the firm. Adjust the progress Status of the Task, and add any Comments. Click Save to add the Task to Practifi.


On saving, a success message will be displayed. Click the X on the right to close the message.


The new Task will appear in the list of Tasks on the user's Home panel in the order of its Due Date.


Client Related Tasks

Teams can create a Task related to a Client directly while within the Client record. Tasks are listed within the Processes & Tasks section of the Client record, under the Open Tasks subtab.


Create a Task

To add a Task, start by clicking the New Task button at the top-right of the Open Tasks subtab. This will open a long panel with subsections of fields, some of which are mandatory.

Task Details

Enter the details, particularly the mandatory fields, in this section. There is a provision to set a Reminder date and time along with a Completion Date. Indicate the Task Type and any Comments which will give context to the Task.



Related To

The Related To section optionally links the Task with an aspect of the Client's relationship with the firm. Links are possible between one or more Deal, Financial Product, any Insurance Policy Coverage, Assets or Liabilities, Entities related to the Client, the Firm's operating Division, a Process or a Service underway for the Client.



You can optionally schedule a Task to repeat at a prescribed Recurrence Interval, and after the passing of the Due Date, or after the Completion Date, or after marking the Task as Closed.



Completion Details

The Completion Date of the Task can optionally be provided, along with a selection of standard listed Tasks Outcomes.


System Information

The Task can optionally be linked to another Process Task and include an External Id, such as the reference ID in another system or document.



Click Save, or Save & New, to save the Task details. On saving, a success message will be displayed. Click the X on the right to close the message.




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