Adding a New Relationship with an Entity


Relationships with an Entity are linkages of particular types between Contacts or other Entities recorded within Practifi, with different EntitiesEntities can have more than one Relationship Role with other Entities.  For example, a Contact can be a Referrer, and an Attorney, for another Entity.

Contrast this with Relationships which Members (i.e., real people) can have with Entities, like Primary, Spouse, Dependent, or Employee.  These are covered in Adding a New Member.

The process to create Relationships between Entities is the same.  You will specify the Direction of the Relationship you need to create and the Relationship Type.  Then, you can search for the existing Entity with which the Relationship link should exist. 

People & Relationships

A new Relationship is established from the People & Relationships section of the Entity record by selecting the right-hand menu's Relationships subtab.  This subtab will list any existing Relationships established with the starting Entity.  Click the New Relationship button on the top-right.


A panel will appear with two questions.  One is asking about the type of Relationship (it's Direction between the parties) 


The other question asks which other Entity type should the Relationship be made (Contact, Individual, Household, or Organization).


Click Next to proceed to the search panel.


On the next panel, you will be asked to search for the Entity record you selected earlier and the Relationship Role between the searched Entity and the primary Entity.


Select the Relationship Role which should apply.


Click Next to establish the Relationship.


A short success message will appear.  Click the X on the right edge to close it.



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