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Email addresses, phone numbers and addresses can be added as Contact Point records within your Practifi organization. This article describes the tools available in Practifi for managing contact information across your Households, Organizations and Individuals.

Managing Key Entities

Practifi supports adding email addresses, phone numbers and addresses as Contact Point records, allowing you to store as many of each as you need. The Map to Record field is used to sync Contact Points with a selection of standard fields found on the Individual, such as Mobile Phone or Postal Address, to make them more accessible in navigation, search, and other product areas such as the Outlook and Gmail side panes.

Information can be added to standard fields from the Individual's record page directly, rather than creating Contact Point records, if there is only a small amount of information to capture. Use the Preferred Phone picklist to determine which standard phone number stored on the Individual record - Home, Mobile and Other - will be displayed alongside their name and other key details in places such as the Directory.

Households and Organizations use the Preferred Phone and Email picklists to determine which standard phone numbers and email addresses to display alongside the Household or Organization name and other key details in places such as the Directory. Choose either to map contact details from the Primary Contact or capture them directly on the Household/Organization record's standard fields.

As of the Barolo release, Contact Points can be added to Households and Organizations on the Specifics tab to capture complex residency scenarios such as seasonal homes

Contact Points


These live in the Specifics section of the Contact's record page as they are records themselves. Users can store as many of them as needed on a Contact without worrying about space limitations. 

  • Email addresses, phone numbers and addresses each get their own section on the page [1].
  • A New Record button [2] appears for each section. When creating a new record, you can capture additional information in the Usage Type and Description fields to help differentiate between Contact Points.
  • The Edit and Delete actions [3] are located in the overflow menu each record has.

Map to Record

The Map to Record field is found on Contact Point records and displays a selection of standard fields taken from the Contact record, for example, Mailing Address or Mobile PhoneSelecting one of these fields will map the Contact Point record to that field, meaning that if you change the value in one place or the other, the two continue to stay in sync.

Please note: Only one Contact Point may be mapped to a standard field at once. If you try to map a second Contact Point to a standard field with an existing mapping, it will cause the old mapping to be lost, with the new Contact Point mapped instead.

Standard Fields

The fields included on the chart below are the fields Practifi includes as standard, which allows them to be compatible with features such as Map to Record and Preferred Phone and Preferred Email. Standard fields can be populated using the Map to Record feature or entering contact details into these fields directly.

  Individuals Households and organizations
Email Email, Alternate Email Email
Phone Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Other Phone Phone
Address Mailing Address, Other Address Postal Address, Location Address

Please note: Alternate Email cannot be used to send emails when selecting an individual from within the email composer. Instead, you can click the email address from their record page to open the composer with the address pre-filled.

Preferred Phone and Email Picklists

The Preferred Phone and Phone Email picklists are located on the record pages of all Households, Organizations and Individuals. These picklist fields allow you to select which of the available values is the preferred one. Preferred email addresses and phone numbers appear in several places across the system:

  • App pages such as Directory, Clients, Pipeline & Influence
  • Within search results
  • The Household/Organization Members displayed in the Key Records tab as part of the Overview section on Household and Organization record pages
  • The Contact Details section in the side panel on Household and Organization record pages

Individuals can choose whether Home Phone, Mobile Phone or Other Phone should be their preferred phone number. A picklist for email addresses is not provided, as the Alternate Email is assumed to not be preferred.

Households and Organizations can choose either to map a standard field from their nominated Primary Contact or to enter contact details into the fields directly, as per this table:

  Phone Email
Maps the Phone or Email field to the Primary Contact field of the same name, meaning that if you change the value in one place or the other, the two continue to stay in sync. Primary Contact Home, Primary Contact Mobile, Primary Contact Other Primary Contact Email
Enables the value in the Phone or Email field to be entered manually by the user. Household Phone or Organization Phone Household Email or Organization Email
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