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Our integration with MoneyGuide enables Advisors to open a corresponding Client record in MoneyGuide.  If the Client and its Members do not yet exist in MoneyGuide the record is created immediately in MoneyGuide.  Updates made in Practifi to Client and Member details are synched back to MoneyGuide.  Updates in MoneyGuide to Client and Members are not synched back, by design - Practifi is intended to be the Source of Truth for Client and Member detail information.  Creation and review of Financial Plans are performed solely within MoneyGuide. 


The integration requires two logins to take place to set up the connection of the user between MoneyGuide and Practifi.  These are one-off steps.  The recommended steps are:

  1. Log into Practifi first.  Locate a Practifi Client which should be set up in MoneyGuide.  Click on the Link to MoneyGuide link.  Click on the link Link to My Plan in MoneyGuide.  
  2. If the user had not already logged on to MoneyGuide, the MoneyGuide login panel will appears.  Log in to MoneyGuide.


If the user has already logged into MoneyGuide, locate the enrolment link to authorize Practifi, and click on it.  Wait for the completion messages.

Once these steps have been completed, the user will be able to, without interruption, click from Practifi to MoneyGuide to view and work with Client records in MoneyGuide.

Link Practifi Client to MoneyGuide

Only one link is provided from Practifi to MoneyGuide. This is the Link to MoneyGuide button, placed at the Client record. 


A confirmation message will appear to indicate that the My Plans list of plans in MoneyGuide is about to be displayed.


The link opens the MoneyGuide portal at the list of plans for the corresponding Client, after checking two things:

  1. If the Practifi Client did not exist in MoneyGuide at the time of clicking the link the Client will first be created in MoneyGuide, THEN the MoneyGuide page will be shown

  2. If the Practifi Client already exists in MoneyGuide, the MoneyGuide page will be shown. If there are changes in Practifi to the Client or Contact details these will also be updated in MoneyGuide. MoneyGuide intend to enforce that Practifi becomes the source of truth for Client and Contact information, and MoneyGuide users will be unable to update these details from within MoneyGuide after Practifi has been implemented at a customer.

View Client in MoneyGuide

When MoneyGuide opens for the Client selected in Practifi will land on the My Plan page, and list any Financial Plans which have been created earlier.  Financial Plans, and any other functions offered by MoneyGuide, are performed exclusively within MoneyGuide.




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