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Our integration with eMoney allows Advisors to create a new Client and its two key Members directly from Practifi, synch key client detail updates between the systems, and view a list of Plans (Scenarios and What-Ifs) within Practifi.  Additional flexibility is provided to create new Clients in Practifi from existing eMoney clients, and to allow multiple Practifi users to share eMoney user accounts.

1. Send a Client to eMoney

In the current implementation of eMoney integration for Practifi only Primary and Partner name and address details are exchanged.  Dependents are not exchanged yet.  Assets, Liabilities, and other financial or profile data are not sent to eMoney - these are typically sourced from a Portfolio Management system into eMoney.




If a Client has not already been sent to eMoney, use the link Send to eMoney, under the dropdown arrow at the Client level header.  If the Client has already been sent to eMoney use the link Sync from eMoney to initiate syncing of updates financial plans with Practifi.


After clicking the button, a progress message is dislayed, and the new Client and Member details will be listed in eMoney under the Clients list menu. 

Important Note:

Visibility of Client and Member details sent to eMoney depends on the user logged in to eMoney.  Who ever "owns" the Client in Practifi will also be the owner in eMoney.  If the user who sent the Client from Practifi is not the owner of the Client they will not be able to see the new Client in eMoney, unless the Client is subsequently shared to eMoney colleagues within eMoney, or ownership is transferred.  Note also the feature in Practifi to enable multiple Practifi users to share access to a single eMoney user login (section following).

Use the Admin feature in eMoney to identify which user is designated the "owner" of the Client in eMoney, and transfer ownership to another Advisor if necessary.




The overview for the eMoney client appears when its name is clicked in the Client list in eMoney.  



The list of Plans available for the Client appears under the Plans submenu item.


A set of standard What-If plans are created immediately when a Client is first created in eMoney.  These are visible under the Tools subsection.  These What-If plans are also listed in Practifi (see section 3, following).


2. Updates to Client Information

Updating of details in either system is handled as follows:

  1. Updates in eMoney to Client and Address information is reflected in Practifi after clicking the Sync from eMoney link.
  2. Updates in Practifi to Client and Address details are reflected in eMoney upon saving in Practifi
  3. There may be a slight delay in seeing updates in eMoney from Practifi while the system goes through its timed synchronization processes.
  4. An optional step which may be set up by your Adminstrator an overnight process also synchronizes updates between Practifi and eMoney records in addition to the user-initiated steps above.


3. View List of Financial Plans in Practifi

The Financial Plans from eMoney are listed under the Financial Advice tab for a Client record in Practifi, in a subtab for eMoney Financial Plans.  


The Financial Plans listed are the ones shown in eMoney as at the time of the last data synch with Practifi.  Note the listing of the What-If plans.


Clicking on a Plan Name will open a basic information tab.



Additional plans (Scenarios in eMoney) are added using the Add button alongside the Scenarios section of the eMoney Client.  After adding Scenarios, these are listed under the Scenarios section of the eMoney Client.


To immediately include these new Scenarios in the Financial Plans list in Practifi, locate and click the Sync from eMoney link on the Practifi Client record.  After progress messages, the additional Scenarios are added to the list of Financial Plans.



Clicking on the Name of the Plan does not open the Plan in eMoney.  eMoney are planning to offer this feature, and it will be implemented when available.

4. Linking of eMoney Clients

In the event there are eMoney Clients who need to be linked to a corresponding existing Practifi Client. the eMoney Clients tab under the Integrations app is used to link these Clients together.  



From the list locate the eMoney clients which should be linked to an existing Practifi Client, and click the down arrow, and the Edit link.


Enter a few letters of the Practifi Client with which the eMoney Client should be linked, and select the required line.  Click Save at the foot of the panel.  Upon saving the eMoney Client and Practifi Client will be linked.  Financial Plans from eMoney will appear in Practifi for the same client.



5. Creating Practifi Client from eMoney Client

It is possible to create new Practifi Clients from existing eMoney Clients without needing to rekey basic Client and Member information.  From the list of eMoney Clients locate the row for the eMoney Client which should also be created in Practifi, client the dropdown arrow, and the Edit link.


Click the tickbox next to the search field, and click Save at the foot of the panel.


The eMoney Client will now appear in the list of Practifi Clients, along with any Financial Plans previously created in eMoney for the client


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