Using the Orion Integration


Integration summary

Our integration with Orion helps you keep client portfolios in sync with the rest of your business:

  • View Orion Accounts & Holding information from the Practifi Client record
  • Summarise account performance with an Orion Insight dashboard
  • Access more Household information and features from the Orion Links navigation bar

Orion Households need to be linked to a Household in Practifi.  Orion Accounts and Assets are mapped across to Practifi Assets and Holdings, respectively.  

From the way the Orion integration has been designed:

  1. Households in Orion are transferred and available in Practifi (subject to some Household activity rules) but are not immediately as Practifi Client.  They can be searched in Practifi and promoted to Prospect or Client to become like any other Practifi Client.  They are simply Entities in the Practifi system.
  2. Clients in Practifi can be created in Orion as Household manually, initiated from within Practifi.  They are not automatically created in Orion.

Once an Orion Household and a Practifi Client have been linked any updates to information on either side flows between systems as per the table below. 




Client Account

🠜 Real-time 🠞


Person Account

🠜 Real-time 🠞

Household Member

Asset Liability

🠜 Real-time 



🠜 Real-time 


Using the integration

Viewing Orion Account Assets and Holdings in Practifi


Clicking on an Asset record will take you to the Asset page, where you can see all the Holdings within the account.

List of Assets and Liabilities of the Client.


Details of a particular Asset.


List of Holdings under an Asset.


Details of a particular Holding.


Creating and Linking Orion Accounts to Practifi Clients


Alternatively, you can use a custom page prepared by Orion to list Practifi Clients who have not yet been linked to a corresponding Orion Household, using a search tool.  The link will be supplied by your Practifi Customer Support team on setting up your system.  Example:

List Practifi Clients unlinked to Orion

This produces a list of Practifi Clients who as yet do not have a link to an Orion Household.


If a record isn't appearing on this page that you expect to see there, make sure it matches the criteria:

  1. Orion ID is empty.
  2. Has Entity Record Type as Household Client.

Clicking on the Create/Link in Orion link will open a panel by which Orion Households can be located.


Here, no match was found for "Daniel Smith" under Keyword Search.  


But changing the Keyword Search term and clicking outside the field produces a list of potential Smith Households.


 Selecting one of the existing Orion Households gives the options to

  • Compare fields between the Practifi and Orion record, to confirm the match
  • Link the Practifi Client and Orion Household


mceclip12.pngIf Link has been selected, confirmation messages will appear



On refresh of the Client record, the Orion Id will display as a link in the Orion Status field.



Updating synchronized records
  • Updates to the Client record in Practifi will automatically synchronize into Orion's Households, and vice-versa.
  • Updates to the Asset and Holding records made in Practifi will not be synched back to Orion (not supported).
Accessing Client's Orion links and Orion Insights
You can access Orion Links and Orion Insights under the Financial navigation section on the Client page.


NOTE: To see all four Orion Insight charts, the user needs a widescreen or can zoom out on a small screen, otherwise only two charts will display.

Accessing the Orion Connect Salesforce application

Practifi's Orion integration is powered by Orion Connect, Orion's integration package designed for Salesforce. We've surfaced many of its features inside Practifi, but if you ever want to access the application directly you can do so by clicking Orion Connect under the App Launcher.  Search for it if it does not appear in your frequently used list.


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