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Our Addepar integration allows advisors to see client accounts and holdings from Addepar within your Practifi organization. This article outlines the integration, how to use the integration and the data field mapping of the integration.

Please note: This functionality will not be available in your organization if the integration has not been enabled. For information on enabling the integration, please consult our Enabling the Addepar Integration article.

Integration summary

Our integration with Addepar allows advisors to see a client’s Addepar accounts and holdings within their corresponding Practifi list of Assets on the Financials section of the client record. This integration is one-way integration, meaning that information is pulled from Addepar into Practifi and not the other direction. The integration also shows an Annualized Revenue run rate for each Addepar asset, shown at the asset level. This is derived from the most recent daily figure of fee earnings generated by Addepar, then multiplied by 365 to approximate a projected fee earnings figure. The Annualized Revenue figure uses the last full day of fees as calculated by Addepar in its system.

Using the integration

Linking Addepar client portfolios to Practifi 

Addepar Client portfolios are linked to their corresponding Practifi client using the Integrations App. This allows clients from both systems to be linked, even though they may not be recorded with the same name. This operation will only need to be done once for each client pairing.  

  1. In the top-left App Launcher icon in Practifi, locate and launch the Integrations App.
  2. On the left-side dropdown arrow, locate the selection for Addepar.
  3. On the left-side column, Addepar Client, locate the name of the Addepar client portfolio for the Client as recorded in Addepar.
  4. Where the row has not been already linked to a corresponding Practifi Client (the right-side column for Practifi Client is empty), click the Edit link icon. This will enable the Practifi Client search panel for that row.
  5. Search for the name of the Practifi Client. When the Client has been located, click Save. The Addepar portfolio is now linked to the Practifi Client. A confirmation message will appear, advising that the process to copy the assets and holdings from Addepar to Practifi is underway. The assets and holdings in the Addepar portfolio will appear as assets and holdings for the Practifi Client. Multiple Addepar client portfolios (Addepar Clients) can be linked to a single Practifi Client from this table.

Deleted clients

If an Addepar Client has been previously linked to a Practifi Client, but the Client has since been deleted from Addepar and still exists in Practifi, the corresponding row on the Linking Page will have a tick box set in the Is Removed column. The deletion of a Client from Addepar does not remove it from this list in Practifi. If the Addepar Client name should be removed from appearing in this list, then it may be selected using the right-arrow dropdown and select Delete. This action does not delete the Client from Practifi and only removes the entry from this list.

Addepar assets

Assets and underlying Holdings listed in Addepar under a Client appear under the Financials > Assets section of the Client record. Assets sourced from other integrated systems will also display in the list.
The Annualized Revenue for each Asset within the client’s list of Addepar assets is displayed as a total on the Basics tab.
The details of the Holdings under each asset are displayed under the Holdings tab.

Annualized Revenue at the Client level

The Annualized Revenues for the client’s linked Assets and Holdings is totaled and displayed as a summary figure at the client level under Annualized Revenue.


Data field mapping

The summary of data field mapping from Addepar to Practifi appears below. Presently, Addepar Client Portfolios (Assets grouped into Portfolios for a Client within Addepar) are not shown in Practifi. The Assets (typically, a financial account or the name of a collection of holdings) and their holdings within Portfolios all appear directly under the Client Name.








Top Level Owner

(Addepar Client Name)








Direct Owner


(Billing Fees)




(Product Code)


(Unitised (Unit Value))

(Unitised (Units))

(As At)













(Asset Class)

(Product Code/Ticker)


(Unit Price)


(Valuation Date)


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