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Exporting your data to a CSV file gives your data the formatting to be viewed and used outside of Practifi, for example within Excel or to be used through Salesforce's DataLoader. This export function is available on lists from the At a Glance tiles and on the record pages; Clients, Contacts, Pipeline, Influence, Processes, and Services. 

At a Glance tiles

When clicking on an At a Glance tile a table will display the relevant information based on the tile selected.


In this screenshot above the tile selected is Birthdays in the next 30 days and will display any clients or prospects with their birthdays in the next 30 days. To export all results from this tile to a CSV you will need to select the Export as CSV button located above the table, highlighted in teal in this screenshot. This will export the information to your computer's downloads folder. 

The Export as CSV option will export all results currently displaying on the table. Selecting options from the filter drop-downs, for instance, selecting Platinum from the Client Segment filter will change the results on the table. Exporting after changing filters will export the filtered results rather than the results from the original tile. 

Record pages

Record pages display tables containing the relevant information based on the app page selected, for example, Clients or Services. When clicking on the app page a table view will display with the option to export the information displayed on the table.    


Clicking the Export as CSV button located above the table will export all the results given on the table to a CSV. Select the checkbox beside individual entity names to only export those records that are selected. Filters are also available on these pages to modify the results on the tables, changing the filters will change the results that are exported when clicking the export button. 

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