Adding and Managing Files


Attaching files to your household, individual, or organizations is a great way to keep track of information about your clients or prospects that you don't want to enter into the system manually. These files will stay attached to the record and can be viewed as needed.

Adding files

To add a file, navigate to the record that you want to attach the file to and scroll to the Notes and Files drop-down menu in their record side panel (1). Expanding this section will reveal a section to upload notes and a section for uploading files.


Under the Files section (2), there are three ways to upload a file:

  • Dropping files into the 'Files' section from your computer will attach them to the record.
  • Selecting the Upload Files button will open a menu for you to select a file from a location on your computer for uploading.
  • Selecting the carrot button in the top right of the Files section reveals an Add Files option, which will open a menu for file selection.

Regardless of which method chosen, the file will be uploaded to the record you are viewing; for example, a record uploaded in this screenshot example would be attached to Adam Smith's client record.

Viewing files

To view a file added to a client or prospect, navigate to the previously mentioned Notes and Files section on the record side panel.


The most recently uploaded file will display in this space with a View All button that will take you to a list page containing all the files attached to the client or prospect that you are viewing. Note that the record side panel displays as grey instead of blue to signal that these files are nested within the client or prospect. 


On the list page there are several features for accessing and editing already attached files.

  1. The document title will display in this column field and selecting it will load a preview of the document. In the preview the document can be downloaded, shared, and deleted. 
  2. Click this carrot to reveal a drop-down of document options, such as downloading, sharing the document, generating a public link, and uploading a new version. This drop-down also contains options to view and edit the file details and remove or delete the file from a record. 
  3. Add files through this button which will open a pop-up selection menu displaying documents already in your Practifi instance which can be selected to be attached to the record. From this pop-up the option to add new files is available. 
  4. Refresh the table with this button to ensure that all newly uploaded documents are displaying on the table. 
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