Using the Envestnet Tamarac integration


Integration summary

Our integration with Tamarac allows you to keep your Practifi Clients, People & Asset records in sync with Tamarac’s Households, Clients & Accounts, as well as providing deep links from Practifi directly into Tamarac records. The information flow between systems functions as below:





🠜 Real-time 🠞



🠜 Real-time 🠞



🠜 Manual


Using the integration

Sending Clients & People to Tamarac
  1. Navigate to the Client or Person record you wish to send.
  2. Click the overflow menu icon to see the available actions, then click Send to Tamarac. If the record was sent previously, an Open in Tamarac button will be available instead.
  3. (Client only) Select the People you wish to send alongside the Client, then click Create Household in Tamarac.
  4. You'll receive a confirmation message, as well as an Open in Tamarac button to view the record in Tamarac Reporting.
Updating and viewing records

Whenever a synchronised field on the Client or Client Person record is updated in either Practifi or Tamarac reporting, the update is sent to the other system in real-time. 

Clicking the Open in Tamarac button in Practifi will open the relevant Tamarac Reporting record in a new browser tab.

Receiving Assets from Tamarac

Assets are sent whenever a portfolio accounting sync is done in Tamarac Reporting. To initiate one manually:

  1. Navigate to the Sync From Portfolio Accounting System page from the Setup menu.
  2. Define the day range and other options, then click Sync.
  3. The Account records of all Households synchronised with Practifi will either be sent into the system, or have their values updated if they already exist.
Field mapping

Client - Household

Client (Practifi) Household (Tamarac)
Account Name Name
Street Street
City City
State/Province State/Province
Zip/Postal Code Zip

Client Person - Client

Client Person (Practifi) Client (Tamarac)
First Name First Name
Middle Name Middle Names
Last Name First Name
Email Email

Asset - Account

Practifi Tamarac
Description Account Name
Account Number Account Number
Notes Account Type
Current Value Total Value
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