Using the Orion integration


Integration summary

Our integration with Orion helps you keep client portfolios in sync with the rest of your business:

  • View Orion Accounts & Holding information from the Practifi Client record
  • Summarise account performance with an Orion Insight dashboard
  • Access more Household information and features from the Orion Links navigation bar

Orion Households are captured in Practifi as an Entity owned by the Client, and that Entity record contains one or more Orion Accounts or Assets. The information flows between systems as per the table below:




Client Entity

🠜 Real-time 🠞


Orion Asset

🠜 Real-time 


Orion Holding

🠜 Real-time 


Using the integration

Viewing Orion Accounts in Practifi
  • Orion Assets are located in the Orion Assets tab on the Client record
  • Clicking on an Asset record will take you to the Asset page, where you can see all the Holdings within the account.
  • Click Dashboard in the left-hand navigation bar to be taken to the Orion Insights dashboard for the account.
Linking Orion Accounts to Practifi Clients 
  •  In the User menu, click Data Management.
  • Select Un-linked Orion Accounts from the left-hand navigation bar.
  • To link a single Account, click the pencil icon next to the name of the Account, locate the Client you wish to link it to, then click Save.
  • To link multiple accounts to a single Client, select all the Accounts you wish to link, then click Mass Update Selected Rows, locate the Client you wish to link it to, then click Apply.
  • If a record isn't appearing on this page that you expect to see there, make sure it matches the criteria:
    • Has an Orion External ID & Household ID
    • Does not have an Entity Type
    • Has an Orgn Type of Client
Updating synchronised records
  • Updates to the Client record in Practifi will automatically synchronise with Orion's Households, and vice-versa.
  • Updates to the Asset record cannot be performed in Practifi.
Accessing Client Insights and Orion links

Client analytics and links are located in the Orion Links & Insights tab on the Client record. Select an Orion Account from the drop-down menu at the top of the page; once selected, the Orion Links bar and Insight dashboard below will appear below.

  • To define what links are available in the Orion Links bar:
    • Click Edit on the links bar to expose the editing panel & buttons
    • Click Sync
    • Refresh your Browser
    • Click Edit on the links bar again
    • Drag the links you wish to see to the main bar, then click Save Globally
  • The Insight dashboard shown to the user is the default one defined in the Insight app in Orion and Orion Connect. If you're not sure how to define the default dashboard in Insight, contact Orion Support.
Accessing the Orion Connect Salesforce application

Practifi's Orion integration is powered by Orion Connect, Orion's integration package designed for Salesforce. We've surfaced many of its features inside Practifi, but if you ever want to access the application directly you can do so by clicking Orion Connect in your User menu:

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