Adding Users


**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

  1. From within Practifi, go to the Settings menu (top right next to your logged in username) and select Salesforce Setup.
  2. Under Build in the left hand menu, select Installed Packages.
  3. Next to the Practifi package, select Manage Licenses.
  4. In the Installed Package Detail, you’ll see Allowed Licenses and Used Licenses. Note: If Used is less than Allowed, that means you have spare Practifi licences that can be assigned to your new user, so read on. If not, you’ll need to purchase more Practifi licences, so just get in touch.
  5. Assuming you have spare Practifi licences to allocate to your new user, under Administer and Manage Users on the left, select Users, then select New User.
  6. Enter the basic info for your new user. Much of it is self explanatory, but here are a few specifics to take care with:
    • Alias is a short 8-character-maximum alternate name for the team member, used in some filters and reports. Make it easy to read, e.g. for Doug Karmichael, go for DougK, not cryptic like DKarmich.
    • Username is typically the user’s email address.
    • Leave Role as None Specified.
    • User License is Salesforce Platform and Profile is Practifi – Standard/Super for all but system administrator users.
    • In the lower sections, under Locale Settings, check the Time Zone and Locale for the new user. Turn off the newsletter settings and tick “generate new password and notify user immediately”. Click Save.

Once you have added users, you will then need to assign licenses

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