Assigning Licenses


**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

After you've added users, you'll need to assign licenses:

  1. From the list of users, select the new user by clicking on their name (Note: don’t click the Edit link).
  2. From the user detail, scroll down until you find the Managed Packages section and click Assign Licenses.
  3. Tick the boxes to assign licenses for Practifi and Skuid.
  4. Click Add.

You should also consider what your new user will see:

  1. Your new team member will receive a welcome email from Practifi containing a login link.
  2. They’ll be asked to set their password on first login.
  3. To access Practifi, they may need to select Practifi from the Salesforce app menu in the top right.
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