Using the Eventbrite Integration


Note: Your Practifi System Administrator will need to enable this integration before you can use it. 

Practifi's Eventbrite integration enables you to sync Eventbrite events into Practifi, allowing you to see the event details, and track client attendance. For attendees that are not already in Practifi, the integration allows automatic creation of these clients. 

To view an event: 

  1. Search for the event by name using the global search (note the event name must be the same as that created in Eventbrite). The event will present as an Interaction in the Division context, where you can see the details of the event and track registrations (once attendees have registered they will be added to this interaction as subjects). 
  2. Once an invitee has registered, you can then search for them and the event will appear within their individual interactions. 
  3. You can click the link to re-open the actual event in Eventbrite. 


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